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Hello everyone..just checking in.. Luv ya
Hello everyone! Luv ya



  • Marsha Johnson Holland I'm the youngest daughter of Mary Lou and Rufus Johnson. Youngest sibling of Joel Johnson.. Hi every...
  • Dec 19 '17
  • Dawn Ziemianski Not sure who sees my posts, but wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ron Johnson!! Hope it's a great day, Ron!! Miss you! Hugs to you today!
    Jan 24 '15 · 7  
    Joel Johnson Nick is out of hospital, at home and dong great. His birthday is Dec. 21st. Happy birthday Nick.
    Dec 19 '17
    Joel Johnson Dawn, I see your post. Thanks for the pictures and info. Merry Christmas.
    Dec 19 '17
    Joel Johnson We need to encourage our family members to come Post and comment. This site is similar to Facebook and should not be a challenge once they look around and see how it works.
    Dec 19 '17
  • Sep 8 '17
  • Dawn Ziemianski edited their profile details
  • Jan 7 '17
  • Joel Johnson Hope everyone had a great Christmas and your plans for 2017 are all set to go. Love you!
    Jan 7 '17 
  • Dec 28 '15
  • Joel joined our site using their Facebook account!
    Dec 28 '15 
  • Dec 23 '15
  • Joel Johnson Wishing everyone a very special MERRY CHRISTMAS. May God be with you always.
    Dec 23 '15 
  • Oct 21 '15
  • Joel Johnson Crazy world we love in.
    Oct 21 '15 
  • Jul 17 '15
  • Joel Johnson Shirley Johnson Shumake, the first born sibling, is a great artist. She surprised me on my birthday several years ago with this hand drawn photo of me when was 3-4 years old.
    Jul 17 '15 
  • Joel Johnson My siblings get together once a month, usually in Tyler, for someone's birthday. This coming July 24, we celebrate Marsha's husband, John's birthday at Chedders in Tyler. Looking forward to it. come join us. From left side of table first, Marsha Johnson Holland, Louise Ladatta Johnson (my wife), then, Shirley Johnson Shumake, Nick Shumake, Ed Smith, across table, John Holland, Kent Johnson, Carol Johnson, and the red head, Rita Johnson Smith.
    Jul 17 '15 
  • Jul 1 '15
  • Joel Johnson Dawn, thanks for posting the pictures. Interesting pictures and info. If you know some of the family members, please let them know about this site and give them the details on how to enter the site and post their info.
    Again, thanks!

    Jul 1 '15